Friday, June 10, 2011

Made a spork

So on suggestion in one of the comments of my previous post, i made a spork out of a stainless steel spoon with the dremel :D

(What's a spork? :
 Wikipedia : Spork
Thinkgeek's titanium spork


  1. yay! Next assignment: Grind out a metal ruler to make a sword? There was this kid i know who actually did that, without any power tool!

    And then also make its handle and scabbard out of wood!

  2. Wooohooo a sword! Actually that was the first thing i wanted to make on buying a dremel (which geek doesn't want a sword). But I didnt have any idea of which material to use, planned to buy some sheet metal. Ahhhh! A ruler brilliant. coming up...

    PS: I wish you were my phd advisor, i would have had tons of papers and finished my phd in one year, and had FUN doing it :D

  3. I still remember your reshared buzz post haha

  4. hey why don't u remind us of ur first experience with ur spork