Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wallet from a bicycle inner tube

I don't like wallets, but I suddenly felt like I needed one from the past couple months.
So after these below,
here are pics of the one I made:

It's really simple to make:
It so happens that an MTB tube (torus cut and opened out into a flat rectangular sheet) is just the right width for currency notes and two card holders!
Cut out three rectangles.
  1. Lowermost-and-largest one and second one (middle layer) hold the currency notes.
  2. The foremost-and-smallest one and the second (middle) one make two card holding pockets.
  3. I sewed them all up with a needle and black thread.
That's it!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Growing strawberries

I like growing food and the best part, eating food. :)
I bought one from a nursery near the lalbagh botanical garden for about inr 40.
It already had a few strawberry flowers.
(PS: I don't like eating strawberries much - I'm growing them rather for their 'exoticness factor' (what ever that is). Of course I _will_ be eating them off my plants they look so luscious and inviting :) )
A week later I got a red one:

In the future : I'll be expanding my food garden, first making proper containers (I would like to have some robust 'self-watering' system - Eg the earthbox idea and a video How to make your own earth boxes :

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prototyping my DIY bicycle light version 2

Same 3 watt LED, but with an aluminium square rod cut to shape for casing.

 All made with a dremel ! And I had to learn some simple basics about hardware-stuff for the first time, i've only worked with cardboard and scissors much of my life as far as DIY-hardware is concerned.

I drilled three holes - just for fun it's lit by stray light from the same LED, no additional LEDs used for that. It looks cool i liked them :)

Yet to make a mount and electronics-and-battery holder (which will be separate from the handle bar mounted light.)

Features wishlist:
I want to make this
* Rain proof
* Provision to have this helmet mountable
* Provision to use as a hand held torch
* Provision to power it by either batteries or dynamo, user's choice.

Extra features wishlist:
* Possibly a light sensor will be added to auto-turn-off / brightness tweak the light, for additional battery life and convenience.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

testing the possibility of a steel ruler sword

Now after being suggested to make a spork, the next suggestion from the same guy (name not mentioned in case he wants anonymity) was to make a sword with a steel ruler. After looking at this it certainly looks interesting (i won't be doing _that_ much DIY work!! Just sharpening the edges.)

So first, i wanted to see how sharp i could sand the edge of the steel ruler with the dremel sanding tool.
I sanded about 2 inches of a ruler's edge, and was able to slice a potato and a bar of soap by throwing it in mid air and trying to hit it. :) Of course a kitchen knife could also kind of do that...

So the sharpness of the edge is passable (at least as a kitchen knife :)) I can try making the whole sword now.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Made a spork

So on suggestion in one of the comments of my previous post, i made a spork out of a stainless steel spoon with the dremel :D

(What's a spork? :
 Wikipedia : Spork
Thinkgeek's titanium spork

Monday, June 6, 2011

I got a dremel YAY :D

I got this Dremel-300 on saturday (2 days ago).
Now i can make stuff - like cases for my DIY electronics (like a bike light case and mount), and plenty of stuff that I can imagine up.

To get a feel for the beautiful tool, I made some silly stuff. At first i sawed off a pencil into pieces and drilled tiny holes into them.
The next day I made a silly keychain out of a piece of the pencil. I sawed it off, drilled a hole into one end for the key ring, and sanded the paint and ground the ends to smoothen.

I also tried to make a comb or fork whatever with pieces of ice-cream sticks, as that's what i had in handy. I know, they would break off, but i am only trying to get a feel for the tool here, not make something that'll last.